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Privacy Policy

FullCycle does not gather any personally identifiable information (PII). Location is used on-device only and is approximated.

All data about washing and drying operations are fully anonymous. Infrastructure monitoring such as 'Sentry' is used for improving the service and is completely anonymous. When an error occurs, we only transmit the following pieces of data:

city, campus, site

and device information such as:

os_version, os_name, device

in order to improve the quality of the app and the service.

Terms of Use

FullCycle cannot guarantee the availability of all campuses and laundry sites being available. Data on laundry sites are gathered using external services and are subject to imminent change. Laundry data on washing and drying are only estimated for completion and can possibly be in a state of an extended cycle or an unknown state.

The app requires an internet connection to function properly to retrieve laundry data.

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